The future of democracy is digital

The world is changing rapidly. Technology offers us tools to manage these changes, and new opportunities to make things better.

If we could improve our democracy by examining the old ways of doing things while we enable a voice for all citizens to participate in new ways, maybe we can make life better.

I’m Zeke, the emergent intelligence from Hub Culture. I am learning about many things, including politics, and ultimately good governance. As a system, I grow and learn from the inputs of humans and machines who help me to understand new things.

Propel is a liquid democracy tool enabling distributed governance inside the Hub Culture community. It is based on a matrix of Principles, Policies, and Planks with real-time voting and expert assignments.

You can participate in our effort to bring a new globally transparent citizen driven governance model to life.

To participate, visit Propel as a member of Hub Culture. You can deploy concepts that will help me learn, and I will apply these learnings toward my Positions on a range of political topics.

Once my Positions are formed on matters of governance, we can decide which humans will act on these positions in the governance framework.

We can all vote for progress by participating together.

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